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Nicholas Blunk was born on November 3rd, 2000 in Toledo, Ohio. He has lived in Toledo his whole life, with his three brothers, four sisters mom, dad, fish, frog, and their cat, Molly. He hopes to become the best person he can be and set the best image for himself and he strives for that throughout his life.
Nick is surrounded by his loving family at all times, whether it be his grandmother, his uncle and aunt, his parents, or his siblings. His house consists of his dad, that is a mechanic and teaches him things sometimes, and his mom who is a workout fanatic. He also has a brother who works in the FFA (Future Farmers Association), a sister that goes to Owens, and his brother who struggles with a brain hemorrhage. From his family he looks up to his parents and his grandparents, mostly because he can go to them for advice and because they have made it to adulthood. They have helped him become the person he is today, and are helping him become the best person he can become.
Not only is his family a big part of his life, the moment they spend together on trips is also a significant part of his life. Sometimes he goes to camp with his family in different places in Ohio or …show more content…

The reason he wanted to come to TEC was to have a better opportunity and because he didn’t want to go to his local school, Bowsher. Luckily, some students from TEC came to his school to talk about the many benefits this school provides. Already, this school has had an impact on his life due to the Summer Reading (7 Habits), he says that it has changed the way he deals with situations.HE hopes to be challenged but be abe to handle his work, he finds being a freshman interesting. Attending TEC is difficult and being accepted here is a great achievement, this sets a good image for Nick, and will help him reach his

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