Nicholas Carr Does The Internet Make You Dumber Analysis

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Better Learning Through Modern Technology In his article, “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” Nicholas Carr explains that the Internet is harming us, turning us into brainless zombies. When used strictly for entertainment purposes, yes it can be. When used to teach and learn, it is a very useful tool. The Internet can open up the world to those that may never have a chance to see most of it. It can spark the imagination and curiosity of children and expand their universe. I feel that the Internet, while it can be a repository of useless information, can be a beautiful thing. The Internet is a constantly changing world full of bright lights and shiny objects. People can sit and stare at a screen for hours a day at work and then come…show more content…
Having to attend a brick and mortar school is not always convenient, especially for people who work a full-time job, have a disability and those with disorders such as agoraphobia and social anxiety. It has become a new way to learn. Even for someone not striving for a degree, college courses are available online, quite a few of them, free. MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, gained attention in 2011 when Stanford University offered a course in artificial intelligence. More than 160,000 students attended the free offering and more colleges began offering free courses as well ( While the student may not earn a degree, some of the schools offer a certificate for a small…show more content…
While this is true, parents can aid in teaching their children by alerting them to the dangers that are online, explaining how to research and how to avoid bad situations. Setting time limits and teaching them how to use the Internet as a learning aid are also great ways parents can ensure that their kids have the best of both worlds. When we bought our first computer, I taught all three of my kids what the Internet is, how to use it, how not to use it and how to use it for homework. We discussed things they found, how to stay safe and at any time I could walk into the den and see what they were doing. Anything in life can be a learning experience and I wanted my kids to learn how to learn. Sure, they played games online and talked with their friends on messenger, but I supervised them until I felt they were old enough and they knew how to find information and verify its

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