Nicholas Carr's Essay 'Is Google Making USupid'

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Do you ever get distracted? Being humans in this world allows us to get distracted in today 's modern society. It happens quite often to me when my mother or sister will ask me a question that pulls my attention away from what I was working on. Even when you are working on homework or you are in the middle of a quiz, and your cellphone vibrates. Or maybe Browsing the web doing important schoolwork and an ad pops up on the side that takes your attention away from what you currently was working on. Next thing you know you are watching videos on the new 2016 Ford truck that just came out, or something similar to that. Bottom line is electronic distractions can pull our attention away from something that is far more important than that AD. When…show more content…
The biggest point that got my attention is when he makes a statement about the internet. He says in his essay that the internet is a resource that provides information to our brain. Carr goes on to state that many people do not realize how much we rely on the internet. With the internet being available to us on are smartphone 24/7 it allows us to gain knowledge and become smarter in daily life. The ways we can access information is amazing with just one click onto a hyperlink which can lead us into something else and may get distracted. Nicholas Carr states the human brain being flexible, and brings up this idea of “Intellectual Technologies”. The use of the mechanical clock on how it helps create a sense of “belief to an independent world of mathematically measured sequence”. Carr later mentions more about the mechanical clock and when it arrived how people started to think about their brain to operate “like clockwork”. One thing that really stood out to me when Carr talks about the Intellectual Technology is the internet sites or brands that conquer the Internet. Some examples of this is Netflix, Amazon, and Ebay where the big companies take over the internet. Stores where people would use to shop in, and buy things what is now all online. As he wraps up he shows what we are losing with the internet being our main information source.
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