Nicholas Carr's 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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Nicholas Carr argues in his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” that the internet is changing the way we think and work for the worst.Many people disagree with this argument, and I think the internet is changing us, for the better. The internet has become a great resource in terms of education. It has allowed for communicating across the world intercultural experiences that used to be impossible. Lastly the the younger generation has grown up with the internet and is better suited for using it. Carr’s argument that the internet is making us stupid is very easy to argue when thinking about all the resources we have today. For example like wikipedia, online schooling and even online college courses all things allowed by the web. Many people use wikipedia to help them learn about an unknown subject that will help them gain more information. The internet allows us to learn more about particular subjects, giving us more knowledge and making us feel less stupid. What people fail to realize is that although the internet has an endless amount of information, we the users don 't try to access all of it. Rather, just like when reading a book we move towards what we are interested in and what is useful to us.…show more content…
Take Facebook for example or even facetime where you can talk to friends and family members who live far away and you haven 't seen in years. This is something that Carr fails to mention in his article. Unless we are just using the internet to goof off, in many cases that can be argued that we would be goofing off regardless if the internet was available to us , then we should admit that the internet is a great source of communication. We are able to have real conversations across the world with millions of people all at once,which used to be
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