Rhetorical Analysis Of The Crisis In Higher Education Nicholas Carr

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Name The professor’s name The course number Date of the paper How does Carr’s Awareness of his Audience Shape his Rhetorical Decisions? Introduction The paper is aimed at providing the rhetoric analysis of the article “The Crisis in Higher Education” by Nicholas Carr. It is important to determine how Nicholas Carr tries to raise the interest of the readers by identifying the described situation, the purpose of the writing and the targeted audience. It is important to determine Carr’s arguments about the upcoming changes in the higher education as well as to evaluate the presented evidences. Identifying the Situation, Purpose and Audience of the Author The author of the article makes an attempt to attract the readers’ attention to the rising debates over the growing popularity of the online courses. Due to a large number of controversial opinions about the outcomes of implementing online classes, Nicholas Carr explains the current situation by stating that a “powerful communication network—the Internet—is again raising hopes of a revolution in higher education”. The author is highly motivated to address the ongoing changes in…show more content…
The terms like communication network, the Artificial Intelligence courses, an open-source teaching platform and virtual laboratories indicate that Carr considers his audience well-educated. The detailed discussion about “large-scale data processing and machine learning” suggests that Carr’s targeted audience is very well acquainted with the technological terms as well as with background of the addressed issue (Carr 2-5). The author likely tries to influence the opinions of progressive educators, today’s students, and current participants of the online classes or those who has already had the first-hand experience with the distance

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