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Mr. Nicholas Copernicus has selected me to defend him and his latest uncovering of the Earth’s true position in the solar system. It has been brought to my attention that the church clergy has a problem with his latest discovery of the heliocentric solar system. To all it’s evident that this solar system is going against the church teachings, but shouldn’t the people know the truth about the position of the earth in the already mysterious solar system. After years of being taught that Earth is the center of the universe, it is important they know the true location of what they call home.
Nicholas Copernicus is a valued scientist, furthermore deserves to be heard. Copernicus has uncovered a major discovery, that could change the world forever. He has proven the claim that the Earth is the center of the universe wrong. The discovery of the heliocentric solar system explain that the sun is actually the center of the universe. It also proves that the Earth along with the other planets revolve around the sun. The church’s reputation should be put aside, and the the information about our universe should come first …show more content…

Citizens should be knowledgeable about astronomy. This is the reason this groundbreaking discovery will affect many lives. Everyday the church is teaching people that we are the center of the universe. What is the church’s plan for when the people find that the church wishes to continue teaching them false information? Without Mr. Copernicus, not even you would know the truth about this world. If he was capable of making a discovery this big, then who knows what other life changing discoveries he could make! We would be able to watch and see the many discoveries in the future, if he was

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