Nicholas D. Kristof's 'Saudis In Bikinis'

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1. The first passage that I use is “Saudis in Bikinis” by Nicholas D. Kristof. He’s writing about the unique behavior of women in Saudi Arabia, and lead into a gender equality.

2. Kristof uses his personal experiences to write this passage. He interviewed some women in Saudi Arabia about how they are dress differently with others. They cover themselves with back cloaks and not an inch of their body were shown except their eyes. A lot of women in Saudi Arabia says they are fine with that because that’s their tradition and culture. Then, the author talked about a lack of gender equality, and he agrees if women are deserve to be given a choice for themselves.

3. I see a creative writing here, because it’s a personal experience. I always enjoy narrative because it’s easy to read, and we can feel the emotion and use our imagination to create what the story is like in our head. The author also inserts a couple of quotes that he got from interviewing women in Saudi to make this passage more convincing.

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The second essay is titled “America’s Real Dream Team” by Thomas Friedman. He uses a personal narrative for this essay. The topic is about the diversity of immigrant in the United States. He thinks that with cooperation between countries can improve new idea better than competition between countries and
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