Nicholas Hitchon Character Analysis

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Nicholas Hitchon was raised on a farm in Yorkshire Dales. Nicholas, a seven-year-old boy and his one-year-old baby brother were the only children in the village. He enjoyed living in the countryside regardless of the loneliness which derived from it. He received his early education in a one-room school. At the age of seven years old, he was asked what were his thoughts on girlfriends. He refused to answer the question by deviating from the point. He thought it was best to leave the question unanswered. While living on the farm, and observing the natural world, he became fascinated by the phenomenon of the natural science disciplines, and he was keen "find out about the moon and all that". He seemed to be determined to learn the subject.
At thirty-five years of age, Nicholas has been pursuing the discipline of nuclear physics aiming to make an advancement in the field. However, through various circumstances, he abandoned his pursuit; currently, he is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although being a professor was not his preliminary ambition
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The concept of plasticity states that an individual’s life is not pre-determined. Development is plastic at all ages. At the age of 7 years-old, Nicholas was afraid to comment on the subject regarding girls; nevertheless, at the age of 28 years, he married Jackie. This is due in part to the fact that as he matured and came to learn the importance of a partner, he altered his views regarding relationships with females. Another example of plasticity in Nicholas’ development is the shift of career goals. Throughout his years in school, he aspired to make advancements in the field of nuclear physics, yet he abandoned that vision in order to become a professor. Once more opportunities arose and ambitions altered, he decided to teach instead of continuing with his research
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