Nicholas II: The Student Resources In Context

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The “Student Resources in Context” article entitled “Nicholas II” begins with a some facts about Nicholas II and his reign along with a brief timeline of his life. The article then sets up Nicholas II’s reign explaining the situation Russia was in and the death of his father. It then describes all the negative qualities of Nicholas II at that point that contributed to his eventual failure in ruling Russia. Immediately into Nicholas II’s reign at his coronation ceremony disaster ensued as members huge crowd trampled each other trying to get food. Nicholas refused to give up any of his power and Russia rushed into a war against Japan which brought Russia far more pain. In peaceful protest upset Russians approached the palace and were gunned down…show more content…
It begins with an introductory paragraph which briefly describes his time ruling. It continues by describing Nicholas II’s life before he became the Czar. Afterward, the article describes Nicholas II’s time as the Czar. It explained how he was very unprepared to rule but refused to give up any of his power. He was no help to the his poor starving people and ignored their hardships and complaints. He took his already poverty induced and completely unprepared people to war against Japan. After the war Russia suffered a great deal of destruction and the people couldn’t continue to suffer the way they did for any longer. About 1000 protesters peacefully expressed their distress and were fired on when they approached the palace. Afterward the Czar created an elected “Duma” to represent the people but it had virtually no power and made almost no difference in the situations of the citizens. The supposed healer Rasputin became very influential in the palace because of his ability to heal the Czar’s son, further upsetting the people. Although Russia was once again in a terrible position for war the fought in the first World War and their country and its people faced further hardships. The people began to revolt and took over the government and then assassinated Nicholas II’s entire
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