George Lopez At Night Analysis

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It's midnight, but unsuprisingly, you aren't in your bed. Rather, you've decided to spend tonight by slouching on the sofa, with one hand deep inside a self-proclaimed "family-size" bag of Lays Sour Cream & Onion chips, and the other holding a remote control, getting carpel tunnel from pressing the "Channel Up" button over and over and over again, because your mind is completely focused on one goal: to find a show to watch until you eventually fall asleep on the couch for the 5th time this week.

You feel content, as you chow down on your potato chips, but you feel a bit weary, due to the fact that you have yet to find a program that fits your standard of substance. You feel like giving up & going to bed. But, then something amazing happens.

Channel 319, Nick At Night. You mostly watch this channel when it's playing the Good Burger movie. But, as you are
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George Lopez was born in Mission Hills, California, a humble little neighborhood in Los Angeles, on April 23, 1961.

At the time, California was a safe haven for Mexican immigrants, but in retrospect, "safe haven" was an incredibly misleading label, as many of these immigrants had to do grueling labor work in order to stay afloat. And it just so happened that one of those immigrants just so happened to be Anastasio Lopez, George Lopez's father.

George Lopez had a rocky relationship with both his parents. By the time he was born, the ink on their divorce papers were dryer than stale bread.

At first, he was going to live with his working immigrant father, but after two months, like passing a basketball to a nearby teammate, he gave George's custody to his mother.

But, after raising him for ten years, like a basketball player who had far too much cheap liquor before playing and decided to throw the ball into the audience like a complete lummox, his mother gave George to his grandmother & his step grandfather, after remarrying and moving to
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