Nick Mamatas Thesis

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Have you ever wanted to pay someone to do that paper that’s due tomorrow? Well now you can, Nick Mamatas is an eager freelance writer of term papers, and he believes he stumbled upon a steady income from what he is doing. Nick believes that as a writer, it gives him the freedom and bravery to write about anything at any time. Although Nick finds a steady income from this he believes the school system shouldn’t fall into the trend of failing students. Nick Mamatas position on this topic is that he believes it is good for him but to students it’s like bribing a teacher to pass the class. In the article it says, “Even dumb clients could figure out they’d be better off spending $600 dollars on a model paper then spending $2,500 to repeat the course.” Nick believes what he is doing is legal but not good for students. Also in the article it says, “Writing model term papers is above board and perfectly legal.” This shows Nick believes what he does is right, but what the students are doing with it is wrong. Nick has written over a million term papers over the years but his trick to writing them is thinking of it like a game.…show more content…
In the article he said, “I always wanted to be a writer, but was told from an early age that such a dream was futile” This shows that when Nick was young, he didn’t know such a profession existed. Also in the article it says, “Virtually any subject almost any length, all levels of education – indulgent parents even buy papers for children too young for credit cards of their own.” This shows how the term paper industry is growing and even people too young for credit cards are creating a demand for
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