Nick Meli's Argument Against Gun Control

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Nick Meli, an armed 22-year-old man, saved a woman and her baby’s life with his own gun from a man who open fired in a town center (Hawkins). Gun control has been a topic of debate in the media as of late, and many people have taken it upon themselves to share their own stance and thoughts on this topic. If stricter laws are implemented on gun control, society will end up being more unsafe than it currently is, because of the dangers that come along with having a gun-free community. The case of Nick Meli demonstrates that owning firearms will be useful if one is put in a dangerous situation. If laws are put in place prohibiting the use of guns in public places, there will be more cases of deadly shootings than what our society is experiencing…show more content…
No matter how hard anyone tries, there is no way “to extinguish this supply of guns” (Wilson). Guns will always be made, if they're not made to help people, they're made to hurt them. Criminals will either make the weapons themselves, or employ others to do the work for them. The manufacturing of guns will never cease, if they are made illegal people will still find ways to get their hands on them. Assuming that guns were banned, those who want firearms, will get firearms, if it is harder for them to get guns, “those that they cannot buy, they will steal or borrow” (Wilson). People think that outlawing guns will lead to an ideally safe society. This idea of a gun-free utopia is absolutely false, as criminals will still gain access to them. Although it is true that the majority of guns used in crimes are stolen ones (Blow), there is no way to stop this from happening. Guns will always be part of society, whether people like it or not, and it is better to have an armed protected society than a defenseless unprotected one. As guns are generally used not for harm but for defense, and criminals can still get them no matter what, there should not be harsher laws on gun control. Guns should be something that citizens should have a right to own, and they should continue to have this right as time goes on. If guns were made illegal, it would put people in danger as criminals could obtain them anyway. With the developments of new technology our word is not as safe as it used to be, in light of this, guns should be a valuable access to the population or our society will face a rapid
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