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Unfinished Business
Nick Robinson lived in a small house on 36th Elms Street. Elms Street was like any other street in Colorado. And the small house was like any other house on Elms Street. However, Nick Robinson was not a commonplace man who lived in a small house.
Nick Robinson was a ghost.
Usually when a person dies, their soul goes up towards the sky and vanishes in the bright light. However, Nick Robinson’s soul became a ghost, and three years have past by since his death. He had unfinished business.
Nick was tired of the tedium of his days. There was nothing he could do, because he couldn’t grab anything. Sometimes he went outside and wandered around the streets thinking of what his unfinished business was.
One day, when walking down Elms Street, a little boy bumped into Nick while trying to catch a ball that his friend threw. Nick knew he had to run away and hide the fact that he was a ghost, but he just stood there, paralyzed with fear. He questioned to himself, “Why didn’t this boy go through me? How could he bump into me?” For all 3 years, no one has ever noticed him. And now, the boy was looking at him with no expression. His friend shouted, “Runnnn,” and sprinted away as fast as lightning, but the boy kept staring into Nick’s eyes. Suddenly, his face brightened
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He looked out the window and saw Liam in a jovial mood. Involuntarily, Nick walked through the door, motioned a ‘follow-me’ sign, and went back inside. As soon as Liam came in, Nick thought to himself, “Why did I even do that?” But it was too late. Liam got comfortable on a dusty old chair and said, “So tell me about yourself.” Nick didn’t know who he was but he liked the feeling of having someone to talk to. So, he started babbling about himself, with a few interruptions from Liam. “Well, I’m a ghost. I died three years ago...” “My dad, too!” “…from a car crash. My name is Nick Robinson. And…” “My last name is also Robinson!” “…that’s all I
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