Nick Vaca This Is Water Analysis

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“I hated Martin more than others,because of his belly” Nick Vaca says in his story, Martin, which is about how the author reenacts the memory with visual language and specific word choices to give a picture on what he has a lasting impression on, which is an encounter with a boy named Martin. It became evident that the narrator, seemed to remember the scene perfectly, which shows how he still remembers it, which might indicate some sort of mark or impression left after experiencing the encounter. Near the end of the book, Nick might of seen that he had the wrong idea about Martin, which could of let his past experience affect his eyes metaphorically on Martin. Nick starts off the story with the first details, but more importantly, shows his point of view. Before he has his first interaction with the name Martin, he might of already have a point of view on where he lives, as it was not very wealthy. This is crucial for Nick, as when he finally encounters Martin, he “immediately disliked him.” This could be tainted by his welfare and state, as he couldn’t eat as much as him. However, when the narrator describes Martin, it goes very into detail with very precise descriptive language to set the picture in the reader’s mind. He uses the words “as huge as a basketball.”…show more content…
He disliked Martin because he perceived that Martin was wealthy and ate well, which Nick doesn’t do, which influences his point of view. When the author finally pulls back the curtain to show Martin’s true source of his appearance, he recognizes some signs of his mother and him being poor, which confuses but may give Nick an idea that Martin was not wealthy. He sees what Martin eats, which is only two things, which reveals that what Nick perceived was wrong. The narrative realizes this, and understands that he was wrong, which caused him to think
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