Nick Vujicic Character Analysis

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Based on my opinion, the positive traits that I have learnt from Nick Vujicic is perseverance. He has this traits as he enjoys every single moment of his life to max even though he born with no limbs. This is where he does not let his disability affects his life, for instance, he can swims, writes by using mouth and feet, plays golf, travels around the world to give speeches, raising a family and so on ( ) . What he does just like any normal human being.
Also, Nick is a tough person that I have ever seen. He never gave up on everything he had decided to accomplish. He never gave up on his life, if he gave up his life at the age of 10 by committing suicide, he will never have chance to enjoy what he has now. Thus, we can say that he is a good
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He encourages people for not giving up easily, enhance people’s self-esteem and encourage people to do what is right for them. Also, he keeps sharing his experiences to people, teaching people to appreciate what they have in their life. He never failed to inspire every audiences who listen to his talks. His never-give-up behaviour has become his habit, will, attitude in his life. Due to this behaviour, he always turns all the moral judgements into effective, motivated moral actions and performs a plan of all the…show more content…
One of the positive traits you need to have is learn to focus on present life. In order to live happily, try to enjoy in a moment. Do not ever let the past influenced you and keep thinking about the days that have not arrived. This is not related to whether you are a positive-minded or negative-minded. Even though you are thinking positively about the future, but you cannot focus on the present life, you are not going to be happy neither. Same goes to people who keep thinking of the past. Thus, people who focus on present life would be happier. Besides, attitude of persistent is one of the positive traits as well. The road of happiness will never be easy. It is full of obstacles, challenge, sorrow and pain. Therefore, people who are persistence, they will endure the challenges. They tend to be the happiest people among all, they will try to unlock more achievements, do more and overcome more in their life. This is because they hold on an attitude - Do not give up easily, they persist. They treat all the obstacles as games in their

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