Nickel And Dime Chapter Analysis

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Nickel And Dime is about a journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, who goes out and tries to survive by living to be a low wage worker for three years by starting in Key West, Florida, by her home. She does this because she had grown up in a low wage working family but has never experience working a low wage job. She is a writer who had moved up in the world which makes more than a low wage job. She starts off by finding herself the highest low wage job and then describing herself as a divorced homemaker reentering the workforce after a long break and three years of college. Throughout the text I will be describing and will give my opinion on how I feel about each chapter. In chapter one Barbara decides to find a job that can help her pay for an affordable place. Barbara spends many days applying but never gets a call back. She waited for three days until a hotel manager calls her for a job but it ends up being for a family restaurant. She is interview by a young west indian named Philip and is told to come back the next day to start. She is working with co workers with a different lifestyle which is being in and out of prison.…show more content…
She did some researched to find out pay starts at eight dollars and hour. She does not know why she chosed the city as her next destination. The next day she starts looking for a job. She wanted to work at a retail store. She will end up working at Walmart and a hardware store like home depot. Walmart will pay seven dollars and hour while the hardware store will pay eight fifty an hour. But both will require a drug test that she is worried about because she had been affiliated with marijuana. On this journey the labor was harder because of the more physical activity and more work hours she had to encounter. She had sleepless nights that occured. Throughout the journey of having two jobs this is probably the one she struggled with the
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