Nickel And Dimed: Article Analysis

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 43.6 million of Americans live in poverty in the United States. There are many opportunities these days for Americans to get out of poverty including a job. Earning any job can help find a better job placement and learn job skills as oppose to unemployment. Doing well in a job can help allude employers give a better job to an employee. Many employers will look at work ethics within employees and if the credentials—amount of jobs, hours, and dedication put into—is sufficient, then the employer would move the employee to a better working place. In the article, is any job better than no job? (2010) Edwin Koc, director of the National Association of Colleges and Employers says, “While these endeavors…show more content…
220) Ehrenreich is saying the more effort you put into a low-wage job, does not necessarily mean success in terms of a better job or a higher income. Ehrenreich’s argument disputes the idea that having more jobs is a benefactor even if you put in loads of effort. Many of the employers who look at your résumé and/or application will find it compelling—due to the job experience—to give employees a pay raise/a promotion to a better job that can have a bigger pay. Ehrenreich criticizes employers by stating, “Employers are of course behaving in an economically rational fashion: their business isn’t to make their employees more comfortable and secure but to maximize the bottom line.” (pg. 204) Ehrenreich judges how employers care about capitalizing a business/company more than ensuring the well-being of an employee. Not all employers care only about the money and not about the employees. According to the Washington Post, TED, the conference and media company, rest assures a two-week break for the employees. June Cohen, a TED media executive producer says, “This creates an enforced rest period, which is so important for both productivity and happiness.” Working for a job will not burden yourself, it is a way to start somewhere in life and employers will be more happy to
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