Nickel And Dimed

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In the first chapter of How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster, the list the five aspects that a quest contains. The first thing you need for a quest is to have a quester. Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich seemed to be the perfect book to talk about and the quest she goes on. Ehrenreich writes about her journey through three different cities and how to live there while working minimum wage jobs. Through this book we learn that our quester is courageous and determined to succeed in the different cities. The next thing Foster states is that you have to have a place to go or travel. In this case Ehrenreich starts her travel in Key West, Florida. She chooses this location because it is the nearest town to her hometown. Soon though when she gets tired of what Key West offers her jobs wise she decides to travel further away. The second location she travels to is Portland, Maine, to see if she can live there comfortably with a minimum wage job. Lastly Barbara decides that she will travel to Twin Cities, Minnesota. I believe that Ehrenreich is…show more content…
There are many challenges that Barbara faces in her quest. For example, in Florida she works at a restaurant named Hearthside, but the wages there are enough to support her living style. To make more money she finds another job at Jerry’s. Her work shifts are so closed to each other that she decides to quit heathside and just work at Jerry’s. In Maine there were problems for her too, she acquired two jobs to pay for her hotel. Not only does she work two jobs but she goes into details of how labor intense working as a maid was, and physical pain that she felt. In Minnesota she had a job at Walmart but she lived in a hotel that charged around forty-nine dollars a day, which is what forced her to stop her journey and leave. Ehrenreich struggled many time trying to support herself in the cities and trying to overcome the challenges that

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