Nickel And Dimed Reflection

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Nickel and Dimed, written by Barbara Ehrenreich goes in depth of workers that have minimum wage jobs and are trying to survive in the U.S economy. Ehrenreich’s goes incognito trying to work in low-end jobs. Experiencing the hardships that many Americans face, Ehrenreich learns that money is not equal to the work and grief put in. Everywhere in the novel, Ehrenreich expresses that owners of corporations keep the workers down. As quoted, “…everyone knows they have crossed over to the other side, which is, crudely put, corporate as opposed to human" (Ehrenreich, 22). She defines that once a worker is moved up a position, they become the enemy. They misunderstand the difficulty of moving up the ranks so the system remains untouched. After reading Ehrenreich’s bestseller, the discussion of who is at fault often lingers. Is it a problem that can be…show more content…
I know how hard is it to find a decent job. Many occupations wont take applicants unless they have experience in a demanding and skilled environment. If a ready to work American went out to find a job, they would be out of luck because they don’t have the needed requirements and will never have them because they can’t get hired, in other words it’s a new ending loop of not having the requirements that will never be gained in the first place. After reading this novel, I also understood the true meaning of American poverty and what is it to be “poor”. The novel also revealed to me the difficulty of the less fortunate, and the free flowing lives of the people who didn’t get thrown in the never-ending loop of poverty and despair. Less fortunate individuals have no room to prosper and grow in society. In other words, they are stuck, they have no room to expand and it becomes an unobtainable dream for them to get an occupation that will let them to proceed upward on a corporate
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