Nickel And Dimed Rhetorical Analysis

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No Nickels or Dimes To Spare In the book, Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich writes the story, “Serving in Florida.” She describes her experience living as an undercover waitress when in reality she’s a journalist for culture and politics with a doctorate in biology. Ehrenreich experiences trying to survive on multiple low income jobs to understand what it is like to be in their shoes instead of being apart of the higher middle class. Ehrenreich uses imagery, diction, pathos and logos to strategize her story and make it more appealing to the readers who are higher income people wanting them to understand how difficult low income life can be. Ehrenreich thoroughly illustrates her experience at the Hearthside using a metaphor. “Picture a fat person's hell, and i don't mean a place with no food. Instead there is everything you might eat if eating had no bodily consequences….The kitchen is a cavern, a stomach leading to the lower intestine that is the garbage and dishwashing area.” Using this metaphor was a good strategy because while comparing the restaurant to body insides it enables the audience to feel the way the author does about the atmosphere. This quote also uses imagery in the sense of her saying “Picture a..” and it is effortless to imagine what she is trying to express about the restaurant. The …show more content…

In this story, Gail says, “They don’t cut you no slack. You give and you give and take.” Pathos is an effective strategy because it makes the audience feel for the employees of the Hearthside and makes them comprehend Ehrenreich's message on how hard it is to work and support yourself in a low income environment. People of upper class may never sense what it's like to struggle with each and every paycheck but reading this may clear up any judgement they had and turned it into

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