Nickel And Dimed: Rhetorical Analysis

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Minimum wage has always been a difficult topic to talk about in political situations with questions about increasing or decreasing it forever on the ballot. In today’s economic state there has been an increase of the minimum wage in several states such as California; which has caused a debate on the national level of how much the lower class can live on. In Barbara Ehrenreich’s book she tries out low wage living and documents it in Nickel and Dimed, in her opinion it's barely possible to survive on low wages for even one person. To show this she employs conversational and concrete diction to show the difficulties of living two lives that are at different poles of the economic scale and the ignorance of both classes to those besides themselves with a confusion of audiences.…show more content…
The diction in the section is mostly the phrases being added; some examples of the phrasing is when Barbara worked in Florida and is thinking about her experiment to her original life of being a journalist, “less-than-nurturing”, “You might imagine”, and “There are no secret economics that nourish the poor” (Ehrenreich 25-27). Using a sarcastic, but also informal word choice gives the readers a sense of actually having a conversation with Ehrenreich adds to the engagement of her explaining and experiencing two lives; on the side of formal and serious word choice there is also the instance in the same situation with “thing about waitressing is that you don’t have to wait for payday” (Ehrenreich 28). That section somewhat has the same tone before with the diction, but it holds a business like quality. The use of diction in the passages is worth acknowledgment it loses the attention of the main
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