Nicolae Ceasbek's Leadership Style

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There always seem to be a joke about cults or “The Illuminati”, but it’s been known that Nicolae Ceausescu was in a position of authority over the cult of personality, especially within the Eastern Bloc. With an analysis of Nicolae Ceausescu's accomplishments and life, an idea of the effect his leadership had on Romanian can be understood.
To start answering this question, the beginning of his life should be addressed. Ceausescu was born into a poor family in a town called Scornicesti, which is in Romania. This fact doesn’t help this research, but helps put background to one major factor. In other words, his father in this family was an alcoholic and tend to be abusive. This leads to family members running away to where his sister, Niculina Rusescu, lived. With the combination of this, he was also bad at school and was illiterate. His parents decided to make him get an apprenticeship with a cobbler. Even as a cobbler, he would skip his duties as an apprentice to watch the demonstrations.[4]
At this time, Alexandru Sandulescu was an active member of the Communist party and also Ceausescu's superior, training him in the art of shoemaking. With the influence of Sandulescu, he started in the Communist movement in his early teens. As he progressed in the organization, he was
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He even went as far as to beat anyone who refused them. With these sessions, it enforces Gheorghiu-Dej power over other members in the party. It also helps endear Ceausescu to Gheorghiu-Dej. This leads into the rise of Ceausescu in the communist party. After the war, when Romania was under the influence of the Soviet Union, Ceausescu served as the secretary of the Union of the Communist Youth, from 1944 to 1945. After these, the Communist had power over Romania, leading Ceausescu to become the head of the ministry of agriculture, then the deputy of the armed forces, under Gheorghiu-Dej, being a major

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