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In January of 2016, Jonathon Nicola told the media he arrived in Ontario after fleeing the violence in South Sudan. Nicola wanted to change his life around and wanted to make something out of life, which one can’t blame the guy for wanting better for himself. What the gifted 6-foot-9 high school basketball player didn 't reveal was his age. According to Windsor Star, Nicola is actually 30 years old man posing as a 17 teen-year-old. It’s still unclear how Nicola was able to pull this off.

Jonathan Nicola, an Immigrate Refugee who pretended to be 17 years old in order to play basketball at Catholic Central High school. Nicola was actually a 30-year-old man playing with a bunch of high schoolers. Nicola always stood out on the court not just
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Many see it as unfair due to the fact they had a grown man helping them conquer each and every team Catholic central played against. Nicola averaged 10-15 points according to, which was nearly half of the team’s points. However, it’s nothing new seeing someone as tall and talented as Nicola. That’s probably why no one really had an issue before with Nicola before he was found to be a grown man.

What this says about our society is that we will do any and everything to better our lives. Nicola grew up around violence back in South Sudan and wanted to escape it. Nicola had a promising career in basketball, his coach stated in an interview “Nicola has a good chance to make it to the big leagues. I would say he could the next LeBron.” Which was kind of odd, Nicola is a good player no doubt, but he is nowhere near LeBron status.

Yes, Nicola was wrong for lying to officials about his age but one can’t blame Nicola for wanting better in life. It just shows what Nicola is willing to do in order to be successful in life. As an outsider looking in the media is blowing the story way out of proportion. They’re making Nicola seem as if he was doing it for the fame when he wasn’t just simply want a better life. Nicola is currently being detained for allegedly contravening the immigration refugee protection
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