Nicotine Addiction Research Paper

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Tobacco is the most widely used product in this country, despite the health warning on its label. Both men and women use this product. According to recent studies, tobacco use is responsibility for more death per year than any other related hazard such as "alcohol" and "traffic accidents" (Jha, Chaloupka, & Moore, 2006). This paper discusses the risk factor that contribute to adolescence 's smoking behaviour, medical consequences that are associated with tobacco use, and the impact of tobacco use. Nicotine addiction is hard to quit Smoking can cause serious harm to your body. It can affect your body from the inside out. Some of the effects occur sooner while others occur over a long period of time. Smokers who begins at a early age become addicted to nicotine and have difficulty breaking the habit. According to the 2012 Surgeon General 's Report, one out of three adolescence who smoke, only will quit, while another one will die form tobacco-related causes. Most adolescence who begins smoking at a early age, don 't think about the long-term health problems associated with tobacco use. Because of nicotine, a highly addictive drug, many youth will continue to smoke into adulthood, often with deadly consequences (American Cancer Society, 2015). Factors that Contribute to Nicotine Addiction Nicotine is a chemical found in tobacco products that lead to…show more content…
Several studies have supported the idea that genes are responsible for nearly half of the risk for nicotine dependence (Davies & Soundy, 2009). A twin and family studies revealed that nicotine addiction is not caused by a specific gene, but rather several genes. Addiction increases when smoking begins at an early age. Studies suggest that nicotine can make permanent changes which can lead to addiction. Chemical reaction in addiction brain are different than those that have not been exposed to nicotine. Therefore, they are more likely to develop severe nicotine addiction than those who starts later Davies & Soundy,

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