Nicotine Persuasive Speech

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A cigarette is made up of seven thousand chemicals but one of the worst because it is addictive is nicotine. Once the nicotine is breathed in it is absorbed into the bloodstream and within twenty eight seconds it goes into the brain. There are major problems with nicotine entering into the body. First of all not only does the nicotine enter into the brain, but once it is in there it attaches to a neurotransmitter called acetylene and mimics what it is supposed to do, which is control muscle movement, breathing, and the heart rate. However what makes nicotine addictive is when it released to parts of the brain that produce pleasure. Scientists have recently discovered that nicotine raises the level of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is a part of the brain that produces pleasure. Another problem with nicotine getting inside the body is the fact that is actually a chemical and it is used as a bug repellent or eliminator. While smoking is not healthy, it also wastes money. A pack of cigarettes averages at the price of $5.50 and the price keeps rising. Most people don’t stop smoking at one pack a day and by the end of the year someone who smokes two packs a day would…show more content…
There are many strategies to stop smoking. First of all the smoker could make a list of all the reasons why they want to quit smoking or they could distract themselves when they feel cravings to smoke again.(21) But if independent strategies do not work, then the smoker could talk to the doctor about safe medications to take that are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. For example they could use nicotine replacement therapy which is taking other nicotine products with smaller doses of nicotine to help get off of smoking rather than quitting completely all at once. But most importantly if a smoker really wants to quit they have to keep an open mind that even though smoking is very hard to quit, it is not
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