Nietzsche Beyond Good And Evil Analysis

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Konner Mattison
Professor Kremer
Political Ideologies 2270
5 December 2016
Nietzsche: Difference Between Men and Women
In Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, he expresses his opinion on the difference between men and women. He believes that men and women are not equal. Women are the inferior gender and should be treated as such. In order for women to know their place in the world, men need to hold them accountable. But instead, men decided to feed into the stupidity of women and join them on their rise to equality, otherwise known as the feminist movement. Nietzsche not only had no respect for women and their attempt for equality; but he also had no respect for men supporting women and their feminist movement. This movement is one of the worst
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To sum it up, he thinks that women are irrelevant figures when not only compared to men but also compared to society. He summaries a part of the basis of his reasoning on women in one statement: her art is false. They would rather live false lives then to admit to the truth. Women today avoid the truth at all times and when the truth is revealed, they become discontent. Woman’s “chief concern is appearance and beauty, (Nietzsche, 226).” A woman’s concern with the material causes them to be consumed with the superficial and distracts them from meaningful activity. The philosopher further expounds on this belief stating “stupidity in the kitchen; woman as cook, (Nietzsche, 228).” Women cannot even comprehend what it means to cook and yet still demands to cook for the family. In the event that ladies were as smart as they claim to be, they would have aced the craft of cooking and would have gained from it. But instead, women are still misunderstanding the means of…show more content…
But not every male is considered to be superior beings. In the case of the relationship between men and women, there are two types of men that exist. The first type of man is a weak male. He describes this male as shallow-minded because man “will prove too short for all fundamental questions of life, and will be unable to descend into any of the depths, (Nietzsche, 230).” This man is the one that agrees with respect and equal rights, in all aspects of like, for women. The second type of man is the superior man. This man has” depth of spirit as well as of desires, and has also the depth of benevolence, (Nietzsche, 230).” This intelligent man is not troubled to be severe and harsh when treating women the way that they should be treated, unlike the weaker man. Intelligent men treat women like the Orientals do, the correct way. Intelligent men are the great men that Nietzsche
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