Nietzsche's Aesthetic Honor Code Of The Overman

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Nietzsche 's famous phrase, "God is dead and we have killed him", is the result of Nietzsche realising that our values have shifted. Originally, humans wholeheartedly believed in God and, for the most part, lived their lives according to God 's values. However, due to advances in science and technology humans can no longer bear true faith in God. In the end, those who claim to believe have empty faith and only worship because of how deeply ingrained the idea of God is within people. Because of this realisation, Nietzsche concluded that all values must be revalued. As a result, he strove to find the Overman, a more-than-human being that emerges only by overcoming the false idols of conventional morality and religion, and the Master morality, the aesthetic honor code of the overman.…show more content…
Based on James 's idea of pragmatism, Nietzsche 's philosophy could be used to fulfill James 's goal of creating a philisophical religion. Nietzsche 's teachings lack a higher power and presents sets of values to follow. With these values, it gives people something to strive to become, the overman, and something to avoid becoming, merely
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