Nietzsche's Argument Essay: Beyond Good And Evil

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Can we achieve an objective understanding of reality? Is there a single truth or a universal morality? These are question essential to the the thesis of many philosophers. Humans are naturally curious creatures who are irritated by not understanding something. Many people turn to religion for an explanation of the unknown or the unexplained; others turn to their own intellect. Thousands of philosophers have dedicated their lives to try and find truth. Some believe they have succeeded while others died still searching. The concept of morality has also been debated for centuries. Agreed upon ideas of what is right and what is wrong are crucial components of any functional society. Below, Friedrich Nietzsche, german philosopher and author of Beyond Good and Evil will offer his opinion on these topics along with Niccolo Machiavelli; famed politician and philosopher well known for his book The Prince. Machiavelli:…show more content…
The church also continues to foster and impose bias and dogmatism in it’s followers. How dare the church destroy all powerful traits and replace them with humility, modesty, and abstinence. In the search for the ever escaping truth we must move forward. We must escape all our biases and dogmatisms, clear our minds of our own opinions. Philosopher’s must understand this concept and embrace it or else philosophy as a trade will go nowhere. I have hopes that someday there will be a man who understands this, however at this rate it is unlikely that such individual will ever exist. A powerful, determined individual who understands and nurtures their own will to power while also seeking an unbiased
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