Nietzsche's Belief In The Existence Of God

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God is responsible for all of us because God created heaven and earth and was responsible for breathing life into the nostrils of man. It is hard for any individual that does not believe in God to try and prove otherwise to a strong believer. 1. The creator is not visible to his people for the sole reason that there needs to be a world where his creation can exist and where he can dwell. God exists in everything that people see and He is devoted to every creation because “For the creator must be a world for himself and must find everything in himself and in Nature, to whom his whole life is devoted” (Rilke 3). 2. God exists in every person’s life and heart and those that chose to believe experience his presence. “Man was created to see God.…show more content…
Friedrich Nietzsche claims that God is dead and we have killed him. This is an opportunity for something great because so much was built upon God as a foundation. 2. Atheist make strong cases when it comes to proving that God does not exist and it is all a creation of human imagination. The existence of God is a mystery to many that both believe in Him and those that do not. 3. There is no good reason for belief in the existence of God (Hanson 309). We don 't need these entities to explain the things that certifiably do exist -not as we do need force fields, anti-matter and quasars (Hanson 323). 1.The reason why it is hard to believe that God exists is the calamities that people have no explanation. “The lack of any conclusive, formal (deductive) proof that God does not exist provides no reason whatever that God does exist” (Hanson 310-311). 2. There is no need for God to prove that he is there becasue “God cannot be conceived not to exist. --God is that, than which nothing greater can be conceived”(Anselm 4). 3. On the other hand, the existence of God is in question because there is no way of proving that everything that exists is as a result of his magnificence. “If ‘God exists….. then the defeat of atheism would be analogous to the disclosure of mathematical error”(Hanson
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