Nietzsche's Influence On Jung

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Nietzsche’s influence extended beyond philosophy to psychology. Notably, Sigmund Freud, the architect of psychoanalysis and analytic psychology founder, Carl Jung are said to be influenced by Nietzsche’s work (Brians, 1998). Although Nietzsche’s work left impressions on several other twentieth century psychologists, including Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow and Ayn Rand, for the purpose of this essay the effect on Freud and Jung’s work will be in primary focus. Jung was fascinated by Nietzsche and his work. From Jung’s student days to him being a pioneer in the psychoanalytic movement, Jung read and developed his own thoughts regarding Nietzsche’s ideas and work (Rensma, 2012). The affect Nietzsche had on Jung was profound, as evident by the
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