Niger Delta Film Summary

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This documentary focuses on the main contributors of global climate change in three parts. In part one, the documentary deals with coal and electricity. It shows how mountain-top removal is ruining the mountains in West Virginia and how it affects the health of residents in the area. In this section, the documentary also addresses the issues of coal mining in China, including large emissions of greenhouse gases and smog. In part two, the documentary concentrates on oil and cars. It explains how oil has led to corruption and large environmental impacts. Some of the environmental impacts include oil spills in large bodies of water and gas flares in the Niger Delta. The documentary ties in how urban sprawl impacts the use of vehicles and the amount…show more content…
In lecture, the topic of climate change was discussed, as well as its effects on the environment. Climate change occurs with increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and leads to an increase in global temperature. This global increase can cause rising sea levels, altered rainfall patterns, and increases in droughts, fires, and floods. The main theme for the film is activism, which is similar to a topic discussed in class. In class, discussions were held about how humans can respond to climate change. One of the options was mitigation which means people will try to stop/prevent any further increases in global temperature. Mitigation options include consuming fewer fossil fuels and sequestering carbon. The documentary also pertains to coal. Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel. One method of coal mining includes mountain-top removal, where explosives are used to remove mountaintops and extract coal. Mountain-top removal has several environmental impacts including acid drainage and deforestation. In lecture, there was a short video about the damage coal ash has caused to the town, Kingston, Tennessee. This is similar to the story about West Virginia. In a rural town in West Virginia, mountaintop removal occurred and led to soot disposal leaking into water supplies and contaminating the drinking
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