Nigerian Food And Beverage Company Case Study

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Ownership Structure and Organization Performance: An Investigation of Nigerian Food and Beverage Companies

Folorunso, O. O
Department of Business Administration and Management Studies
The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria. Sajuyigbe, Ademola .S (PhD)
Department of Business Administration and Management
Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Nigeria. Abstract
This study examines the influence of ownership structure dimensions on organizational performance with specific reference to Nigerian Food and Beverage Companies. Purposive sampling technique was used to select sixteen (16) listed food and beverage companies. The data collected for this study were extracted from the audited annual financial reports
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According to Kadivar (2006), the issue of corporate governance has attracted the attention of both business market leaders and regulatory authority around the globe, aiming to minimize the scandals rate in companies. Shareholders are often considered to be the corporate proprietors, though company directors are representatives of shareholders that are expected to assign business resources in a way to improve shareholders’ fortune. The commitment of several shareholders for investment in organizations is profit not control (Kadivar,…show more content…
Corporate governance spells out the delivery of rights and duties among diverse players in the establishment; the board, managers, shareholders as well as other stakeholders. It also stipulates the techniques for making decisions on corporate affairs. In this fashion, it offers the framework whereby the organisation’s goals are established and strategy for reaching those goals and monitoring performance (Kaola, 2008). According to Aganga (2011), the issue of corporate governance is comparatively fresh in Nigeria, on account of several cases of corporate misconduct. The shift in Nigeria system of government from military era to the democratic dispensations with a policy to catch the attention of new and environmentally friendly foreign investments entailed the requirement for corporate governance reform. This results in a recognized commission to evaluate the presence, adequacy and corporate governance relevance in Nigeria relative to global best practices as a reaction to the New International Economic Order. Considering the importance linked to the organization for efficient corporate governance, the Nigerian government, via its numerous agencies, has constituted several institutional arrangements to safeguard the investors’ valuable investment from disingenuous management/directors of company

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