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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Study Some printed and talk investigation of Nigerian movies (Azeez, 2008; Ogunleye, 2003; Ezeigbo, 1996) have contended that Nigerian movies depict and position Nigerian ladies characteristically and adversely. In accordance with a women's activist ideological point of view of the media, the movies position ladies at the base of the hierarchy in a manner that strengthens their command and concealment. Utilizing discourse theory, the representations of ladies in Nigerian movies additionally have all the earmarks of being unpretentious pictures that arrange and make "ordinary" sexual orientation character for ladies by dully speaking to ladies as second rate subjects and as "corrupt" individuals…show more content…
Ladies groups of onlookers have huge energy to arrange with or separate themselves from these positions, personalities or implications made in the movies. As it were, they can reappropriate and translate the implications that are being forced on them by the movies from an arrangement of other arranged…show more content…
Along the northern outskirts of the state is Sahel-Savannah nation, enriched with moving sand rises punctuated by desert springs in the dry season, yet secured with vegetation amid the stormy season. Southern Borno is by and large green savannah area, charged by slopes and rock arrangements, while toward the Cameroon fringe, guests will appreciate great mountain looks. The Bulatura Oases are on the western side of Borno State upper east of Nguru. This is the desert in a Hollywood film set: rises, camels and palm trees around a desert garden. The serious excellence of this spot offers an exceptional treat to guests who have yet to experience such an overwhelming scene. The desert gardens are likewise phenomenal for winged creature watchers; in the dry season there are a great many palaerartic transients which assemble there. iv) Yola, on the upper scopes of the Benue River, lies in close nearness to probably the most picturesque zones of Nigeria, arranged along the sloping fringe with Cameroon. The Mambilla Plateau (see pages 22 & 23) is inside of a day's trip from Yola, just like the Shebshi mountains toward the

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