Night And Anthem Comparison

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Night by Elie Wiesel, and Anthem by Ayn Rand are seen as books based on survival. There are many similarities that they authors have in writing these books. The books allow the reader to see the struggle and pain in the characters. Night is about a young jewish boy going through the times of th Holocaust. The books shows his journey and the hardships dealing with surviving. Anthem is about a society that basically has no freedom for the people to do whatever they want. Everyone in the book is referred to as “We” or “Them”. No form of independence is shown, until one special boy decides it is time for a change. Both books show survival and people having to push through the struggle. In Night Elie, the author and main character depicts his…show more content…
They make it to the winter march but his father is not strong enough. This part in the book is painful for the reader and EIie. This is where Elie either dies with his father or tries to go on without him. Elie shows that he is strong and has the will to survive in this part of the book. He goes on without his father and tries to do the best he can. He knows deep down that his father would want him to go on a survive. Looking for ways to stay positive and keep going was an amazing trait that Elie has. This is somewhat similar to the traits in the characters in Anthem. What I also did not mention in that paragraph, was when they went to start a new life. Equality deiced that he wanted his own name. Did not like the societies rules anymore and wanted to be his own person. He changed his name on his own to Prometheus. Liberty also decided to follow in his footsteps and change her name. She was now known as The Golden One. They both have the courage and strength to go against the society. Make a name for themselves and start fresh. In the end of Anthem it was a strong message. They both said the “secret word” in the society. The word was Ego. This represents the courage and will to make a stand. I enjoyed reading both of these books. Even though they were completely different subjects, you can still see similarities. The books show the struggles of different people and that people everywhere have to deal with their own struggles. That the characters both has to overcome their struggles with courage, the will to live and make a change. Also both Prometheus and Elie were very similar to getting what they wanted. Not letting people tell them what to do, just so that they can make it through. Live the way they wanted, and how they wanted to live
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