Night And Inherit The Wind Analysis

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Faith is a fickle concept because it is easily broken through barbaric methods. Faith is often the first part of themselves someone loses when faced with hardship. This loss is prevalent in the memoir Night and the play Inherit the Wind. These two pieces of literature use fact and fiction to demonstrate that faith breaks as easily as glass shatters. Night uses factual events from the Holocaust to display how extreme circumstances destroy faith. Inherit the Wind, on the other hand, uses the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 as inspiration to show how faith can easily be challenged with scientific evidence. In comparison, Night and Inherit the Wind both share the themes of questioning the validity of a sacred book, the persecution of one due to their faith, and the effect that the destruction of one’s reputation and home has on faith. In contrast, Night uses concentration camps and the loss of one’s humanity to display a loss of faith while Inherit…show more content…
Concentration camps and inhumane conditions made it difficult for the Jews to practice their faith, so many forgot it in order to survive. The theory of evolution caused Christian communities to shun men like Bertram Cates for believing the theory, making it nearly impossible to go to church. Secondly, the destruction of reputation, persecution of people, and validity of the sacred books also broke people’s faith. Loss of reputation could make it difficult to go to church, while persecuted people often lose their faith because they believe God had abandoned them. On the contrary, many people question the validity of sacred books and scriptures when they in a tough spot, causing most people to distrust the book from then on out. All things considered, faith is easily broken and difficult to regain, especially in negative and harmful
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