Night And Killing Lincoln Literary Analysis

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Famous writer Maya Angelou once said, “Don't let the incidents which take place in life bring you low. And certainly don't whine. You can be brought low, that's OK, but dont be reduced by them. Just say, 'That's life.” People, like Elie wiesel and Abraham Lincoln are heroes who tried to make the world a better place. Without knowing these two men left a big mark on the world by not letting the so called “villains” stop them. Yet, many people think there mark was only left because of the villains who tried to take them down. Although Night and Killing lincoln share a different setting the common theme and conflict are similar. One of the ways Night and Killing Lincoln are similar is that they share a common theme. The theme is …show more content…

In the books Killing Lincoln and night the conflict is similar. One thing that is similar is the internal conflict. In Killing Lincoln Abe was struggling to repair the country. The author states “ It's falling apart.” ( O’reilly dugard 200) In regards to Abe’s struggle to keep the people of his counties faith in him, in check. During This time period the civil war had just ended, when the confederates had surrendered. Which left some americans happy and others concerned. This is important because it's similar to Night’s internal conflict. Also in Night the external conflict is that Elie was struggling to survive. Elie Wiesel states “ I felt like giving up.” showing his major internal conflict (wiesel 99) showing his major internal conflict. Elie went through many difficult times during the Holocaust. And many times he felt like giving up and dying, to which his father always gave him the inspiration to keep going. At the same time, the external conflicts are similar to. In Killing Lincoln, The country was in despair and were worried, after the tragic murder of Lincoln. The book states “ The city is in chaos, and he will later describe the looks on peoples faces as “ inexpressible, bewildering horror and greif. “ ( O’ reilly Dugard 245) expressing the countries feelings. This was a very sad time to the american people. And to have one of the greatest presidents of the United States be assinated, scared …show more content…

One thing that is different is time.The time period was stated ” It is April 2, 1865.” (O’reilly Dugard 1) the time being way earlier than in the book Night. It is important to date the time because it is a different century. Meaning they have different thoughts and many different opinions about murders and murdering. In Night it was 1941. As stated “ I met him in 1941.” (Wiesel 3) is a very important piece of evidence. This is important because it's a different century and they have different ways of doing things. Meaning if they wanted to commit an illegal act someone could. Furthermore the setting is different. One way the setting is different is that in Killing Lincoln was in Washington D.C. O’reilly states“ Saturday, March 4, 1865, Washington D.C. ( O’reilly dugard 3) setting the scene in Washington. As you can see the location is different. This is important because Washington is full of political views. Meaning when the president was assinated, the White House and other political personals must have been going insane The book Night was located in Germany. Wiesel stated “ Germany would be defeated.” ( Wiesel 8) setting a placement for the book. This is important because Germany has very different views on political standings. Meaning they don’t have the same laws as the United States, meaning that Hitler could get away with mass murder. In conclusion, the time and setting are

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