Essay Comparing Night And Life Is Beautiful

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The two resources used in English II were Night by Ellie Weisel and Life Is Beautiful, co-written and directed by Roberto Benigni, both set in the midst of the Holocaust. The Holocaust is difficult historical subject for teenagers to understand. It is hard, almost impossible, for teenagers to comprehend, simply, the vast death toll. The number of people that died due to this genocide is so great that it doesn’t impact a teenager’s mind in the way that someone would expect. Those numbers become more real when using the resources that were used in English. The Holocaust is also hard for American teenagers to understand because the Jewish prejudice is not a thriving part of their culture. The American history taught in schools throughout the years is filled with racial persecution. There is very little mentioned of religious hatred, even if it is present. To teach teenagers to empathize with the numbers, Night by Ellie Weisel is best to use due to the insight it gives on the mental impact the Holocaust had on its victims. The book demonstrates the impact the Holocaust had on one of humanity's strongest bonds, family.…show more content…
The viewers of this movie were made to care about what happened to the main character, Guido, before he was even sent to the work camp. Night, though, is a better resource because it provides a heaviness that Life Is Beautiful does not give. Life Is Beautiful would not truly have an impact on the students without Night as background. Understanding the Holocaust is important because we don’t want to repeat history. While genocides are still happening, warning signs are more prominent due to the Holocaust. It also teaches us to not blindly follow. We should be informed and make our own educated decisions rather than listen to the words of one man. Night by Ellie Weisel is the best resource to use due to the greater impact it has on the students that read
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