Night And Life Is Beautiful Essay

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Approximately six million Jews died during the Holocaust and about three million survived. Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust went through many horrific circumstances. They had to bear starvation, overexertion, beatings, torture, and much more. Millions of innocent people died in the concentration camps. Night, by Elie Wiesel, and Life is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni and Vincenzo Cerami, portray the hardships and tortures of the concentration camps by showing how the Jews held onto their beliefs and faith in order to survive. Therefore, prisoners in the concentration camps had a better chance of surviving the Holocaust if they had faith in themselves and their families survival even if they went through many hardships.
During the Holocaust millions of people were separated
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During his time in the concentration camps Elie witnessed many of the horrors that occured. However, both Elie and his father kept the faith that the rest of their family members were alive. They chose to believe that their “Mother is still a young woman...She must be in a labor camp. And Tzipora, she is a big girl now. She too must be in a camp” (Wiesel 45). Elie’s father also held on to the hope that their family must be alive, and he consequently fought harder to survive to return to them. Finally, at the very end, when liberation was coming nearer, he gave up his faith and lost all hope of his own survival. On the other hand, Elie held on to the fact that his father was alive to keep him going. When he died as well, Elie began going down hill. However, he ended up getting lucky because he lasted to liberation where he was freed and made it through. Similarly, in Life is Beautiful, Guido one hundred percent believed that Dora was alive and that they would see each other again once the Holocaust was over. He even made dangerous gestures to her to help give
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