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Title: Night, this book title bought my undivided attention to it due to the fact that the title is so short and plain that I was curious on what it was about.
Author: Elie Wiesel, wrote the book Night this is my first book by of his.
Type of book: Night is a non-fictional autobiographical novel. People who would enjoy this read would be people who like to read about WWII or historians.I typically do enjoy to read these types of books.
Characters: the characters in this story are Eliezer, his parents, and his younger sister Tzipora seem to be the main characters of this story.who all become separated by father and son then mother and daughter. Yossi, Tibbi, Moishe the Beadle, and Mrs.Schächter. Are all good characters in the story there aren 't really bad characters.
Main Ideas: the book Night
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Principles/Characters: the elements of the book Night by Elie Wiesel I enjoyed most was how he used this words to create an almost movie like imagery. And how his emotions were almost surreal. Elie does a great all around job in this book. Personally I enjoyed Moishe The Beadle the most due to how deep of a thinker he was and how the questions he asked really made you think.
My evaluation: of Night is that this is a phenomenal book the amount of descriptive imagery and word use in this book was fantastic. This book was very hard for me to take my eyes out of. I was constantly pulled in by cliff hanger like or intense moments. Night by Elie Wiesel is the one of the best books I 've ever pored over.
Recommend: Therefore I highly recommend this book for many reasons as a teacher that teaches English it 's a great example of imaginary I felt like I was practically watching a movie. As a history teacher it is to give an in depth perspective on life as a person who believes in the Jewish belief throughout the duration of WWII. On a personal level this book is perfect for anyone who likes an almost heroic or very intense book that also leaves you wondering after almost every
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