Night By Elie Wiesel Analysis

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The presence of the Holocaust, during World War II occurred to have a major impact on millions of lives. In the novel night, written by Elie Wiesel, he shares the story about his personal attempt of fighting against faith, because of the circumstances that he was forced into, during the Holocaust.This essay will argue that, Elie Wiesel is an important character in this novel, due to the fact that he had a promising faith in the beginning, which he soon started questioning, causing Wiesel to lose complete trust in God. However, this leads to his choice of sharing his experiences, by also being the narrator of the novel Night. Elie Wiesel is a significant character who must be acknowledged.

In the beginning of the novel, Wiesel featured as a dedicated young jewish boy—filled with a promising faith. He appeared in this specific sense because, he presented all his hopes and goals to God. “ By day I studied Talmud and by night I would run to the synagogue….” This shows us that, although Wiesel was kept busy with his other surroundings, he always tried to be involved in something religious. When asked why he prays to God by Moishe the Beadle, Wiesel was left in a somewhat unresponsive state. This example shows us a different view of his profound faith. Wiesel thinks, “Why did I pray?....Why did I live? Why did I breathe?” From this we can understand, his belief is omnipotent—God is unconditional—he cannot live without that
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Elie Wiesel is an influential character in the novel Night, because of the inhumane acts he to had to encounter. This essay has demonstrated how drastically one’s faith could shatter in a matter of days. Looking detail at all 4 paragraphs above, we can see how certain situations can change a normal human being. The most significant evidence is, Wiesel starting to question God, just because of an event that he never imagined he would have to face. Elie Wiesel reminds—violence, repression and racism still continues to characterise
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