Night By Elie Wiesel: Summary

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In the story of Night, Elie Wiesel starts with a boy named Moshe the Beadle, he is the spiritual advisor of Elie Wiesel. The Jewish faith that Elie Wiesel had before the Holocaust started. Following the story, Moshe disappears after a few pages in the book. The ideas he teaches Wiesel remain throughout the story and his life. While the story goes on it mentions how Moshe is captured by the red army and Moshe witnesses what is really happening to Jews. He desperately tries to warn the others in the town of Sighet. Moshe begged for others to listen and take heed in his warning, But no one dared to listen to or notice how his warning would have saved their lives in the future. "Jews, listen to me! That's all I ask of you. No money. No mercy. No pity. Just listen to me!"(Night, Elie Wiesel). His warning was ignored, Everyone was blinded by how unpleasant he was. Furthermore, as the story progresses, everyone is captured and hurdled into cattle cars. In one of the carts where Wiesel and his father are placed, there is a woman called Madame Schachter yelling and crying out the words "Look! Look at this fire! This terrible fire! Have mercy on me!"(Night, Elie Wiesel). Madame Schachter would constantly shout and repeat thought the others would see no fire, they…show more content…
The purpose of this memoir is to show how unforgettable and how cruel Hitler was. How it was ingrained into his memory. The scene of the gallows, the hanging of the bodies he witnessed, and how traumatized Wiesel was during that scene in his life. "And from within me, I heard a voice answer: "Where he is? This is where—hanging here from this gallows..."(Night, Elie Wiesel) By including this memoir in his biography it serves a purpose as his memory and what went on in the concentration camps. This memoir gives readers a clue and deeper meaning of what Wiesel went through how it has changed him
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