Night By Hilda Doolittle Analysis

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“Night” is a poem by Hilda Doolittle better known as H.D. Born in Pennsylvania on September 10, 1998. The work of H.D was “characterized by the intense strength of her image economy of language and use of classical mythology”. Mythology is the myths of a group of people depending on each culture. While classical is a long established event or idea or also traditional, HD used traditional myths to create each poem. She was also the leader of the imagist movement which was very important at that time. The Imagist movement was a group of people that prefer imagery and clear sharp language for their poetry. Her work wasn’t popular due to the fact that she “spoke to an audience which was unready to respond to the strong feminist principles articulated…show more content…
The most significant symbol in “night” is the night in many cultures is a symbol of darkness a world without a god. In many cultures, people were not allowed to go out since it was believed that it was a place meant for the death and not for the living. During the day is where the cycle of life takes places and life grows and begins. During the night is a different situation because everything that may need the sun closes to its core making it look as if it were sad or as if it didn 't have a life anymore. The night plays a big role in this poem since it the main point why everything seems so lifeless. One also gets the symbol of “Rings break” personally giving it connection to an outer coat or covering of something that is breaking. This could be pertaining to all the life that is being taken away from such as from flowers and trees. It 's mentioned that the night has cut, like a knife which could mean the coat or cover being cut. Even when the poem seems dark there’s some hope left “leave the stark core”. There’s hope that sooner or later everything will go back to normal. Hope that things can still grow to have a second chance. That’s what takes place everyday plants may die but always leave there core back for it to regrow once again. That’s the main point why threes still live around us because the cycle repeats itself without the need of no one except the
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