Night By Manley Pointer Analysis

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What is the story’s final betrayal? The story’s final betrayal is when Manley Pointer refuse to return Hulga’s fake leg and left Hulga in the barn by herself. However, this betrayal can also be looked from literal interpretation and from the analysis of Hulda and her characteristics. On the surface, Pointer asked Hulga to go out with him with true serenity. Pointer further took her wooden leg after Pointer sweet-talked her and said, “it’s what makes you different. You ain’t like anybody else.”and further refused to give the leg back to Hulga. Literary, the betrayal occurred when Pointer tricked Hulga to take off her leg and took it away. From the analysis of the character, Pointer used Hulga’s psychological disadvantage to manipulate her; which led to the betrayal to occur psychologically. Hulga was caught in her own world of delusion. She and her mother did not recognize the world is filled…show more content…
“ During the night she had imagined that she seduced him...he imagined, that things came to such a pass that she very easily seduced him and that then...She imagined that she took his remorse in hand and changed it into a deeper understanding of life. She took all his shame away and turned it into something useful.” She thinks Pointer is a “good country person” and because of this, she has the power to control him. Pointer tricked Hulga into believing his innocence by using her naivety and ignorance to the world. Hulga agreed to spend the night with Pointer and eventually she got abused by Pointer. Pointer not only used her naivety, he also used Hulga’s wish for attention to manipulate her. After Pointer took Hulga’s leg, he told her, “you ain’t so smart. I been believing in nothing ever since I was born!” completely shattered her ignorant world and left Hulga in wonderance. Pointer used Hulga’s trust to make her give him her most important symbol of her soul-her wooden
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