Night By Ron Lott Analysis

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“Night” by Bret Lott and “Worry” by Ron Wallace are two short stories that, even if they are different, they have similarities between them. Bret Lott shows up a father and his concerns about his child. Ron Wallace, in change, shows up the parents’ concerns about their daughter (and their house). At “Night” we can appreciate how the father worried about his kid just because he woke up and heard the child breathing. In “Worry” we can see the mother talking, arguing and even fighting for her daughter with her husband, he does not pay attention to what she is saying; his worries are all about his house. That is just a single comparison and contrast with these short stories.

The relationships of the parents in these stories were similar but so different at the same time. The parents from “Night” were sleeping together in the same bed; same happens in “Worry”. A difference is that in the first one, the dad of the kid goes worried to check his child, besides in “Worry”, the parents simply do not do anything even if they thought their daughter was in the wrong path. To continue, in “Night”, the
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The father from “Night” ‘heard’ his child breathing when he woke up, even if her wife was breathing hard. He stands up to go to his child room and check him, but it was empty. It is said in the story: “This happened every night, like a dream, but not”. We could say about this that the father was fantasizing about his kid because he misses him a lot. Besides, at the story “Night”, it is said: “Worry grew up between them like a son (…)”. Here, it is notable that the author creates the worries they have as a kid of their own because it was always present in the family. The mother was always worried about her daughter (and people); the dad about the house (and things). This ‘kid’ called “Worry” was given a life to show up he is/was always between the
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