Night Dialectical Journal Analysis

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I. “My brother and I were no longer safe in the city. They heard that in the country side, there might not be so much danger from the Natzi’s” (Page 11) In this quote, Anita explains how in the city they were in, it wasn’t safe anymore because of everything that the Natzi’s were doing to the Jews. Since in the country side, it’s always more quiet, they began to assume that maybe it would be more safe for them over there. To stay away from the Natzi’s, it was never easy from Jews at the time but they had a feeling that moving to the country side would benefit them at least a little. I think that this quote is a positive quote because it gave them a little of hope in getting away from the enemies and maybe relaxing. I could also relate to this because before I moved to Hawthorne, I lived in a town where there was always something bad happening and my parents decided that moving here would be the best idea for their kids and our lives. II. “Toward the…show more content…
“We lay in our bunk terribly weakened sick with colds and diarrhea. My brother was shivering and sweating. Next to him, I kept dozing.” (Page 138) In this quote, it shows how sanitized it was back then. During those times, especially for the Jews since the Germans wouldn’t help them, there wasn’t medicine that could really cure whatever they had…instead, the elderly in the house would always say that home remedies like herbs for example would help cure most sicknesses. There wasn’t air conditioning either so when you were hot, you had no choice but to stay like that. Plus there wasn’t doctors like here is now so you couldn’t just make an appointment and go the next day… you had to tell your body to fight the germs itself which made things bad for people. This quote comes to show that a lot of people had it rough at that time because it could have been from a mental illness, an injury or something they ate or drank but they would never really know since there wasn’t many things they could do to find out
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