Night Drive Prove It Analysis

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Night Drive Prove It by Hasnain Sahibzada In the short story, Night Drive, we were left with a major question at the end of the story. Who is the killer on the scary Colchester road. The evidence we have concluded from the broad sources that we have, we think that Mr. Tabor is the killer. Now we will state our evidence. First of all, we know that on the road to Colchester, Eunice (Mr. Tabor) talked a lot about werewolves. And he was very knowledgeable about that topic. It felt like he was bragging about their skills. “ Once in a year, or once in six months, they feel something stirring inside the. Their eyes change. They glow-bright and restless and terribly intent. The accursed ones feel a horrible, unbearable tension inside. They’re obsessed.…show more content…
71) This is a key point that in this case because how would Mr. Tabor know so much about the other girl, unless he killed her. While Mr. Tabor was in the car with Madge, he gets more and more passionless. Here are some phrases from the text that prove that he was getting passionless. “The girl said in a flat voice” (pg. 69) “Her voice was low and flat pitched” (pg. 70) “Said the girl tonelessly” (pg. 70) “The detached voice behind her” (pg. 71) “Said the passionless voice beside her” (pg. 72). What I conclude from this is that Mr. Tabor was slowly transforming into a werewolf in the car. That's why he was getting passionless, and maybe his hand was hairy because of the fact that werewolves have quite a lot of hair. “There were short black hairs on the back of the hand.” (pg. 72). I also concluded that Mr. Tabor killed Bob. “He moved to another town shortly after that.” (pg. 76) This suggest that Bob was the third victim of Mr. Tabor, the first was Mrs. Tabor, and the second the unknown girl. “They never live in one place very long. They kill once or twice, or maybe three times,and then they move away.” (pg. 73). Another key point I found was when Eunice (Mr. Tabor) offered to light the cigarette. “You drive,” said the flat
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