Night Drive Suspense Analysis

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Suspense techniques are an essential part of creating a narrative piece of writing, it creates an anticipation and tension to keep the reader interested. Also it creates a lively experience and grasps the reader’s attention. Suspense enhances the story's appeal to the reader by creating a grim situation that utilizes strategies such as thoughts and isolation. The author of “Night Drive” Will Jenkins effectively uses suspense technique to build tension and anxiety for the reader. The short story demonstrates, skillfully crafted sentences that express many examples of suspense. Suspense is an element used to build tension and you can see the suspense technique in various parts of the story, strongly in the 3 forms thoughts, time and expectation. Thoughts is one of the…show more content…
The way Eunice is acting, the reader has an expectation that Madge is in danger. The author brings up past murders several times. The reader expects another murder might take place. When Madge is waiting in the car after Mr. Taber gets out and before she drives off she and the reader expects some type of confrontation and, most likely, death. When Madge sees Bob, she is relieved at first, She does not expect him to be the danger. She already believes Eunice is the murderer but it is actually Bob, he is least expected character in the story the reason being, he was introduced in the climax of the story. Mr.Taber on the other hand already knew this so that is why he rode with Madge, hoping to catch Bob in the act. By productively using time, thought, expectation, Jenkins engages the reader in the story. As you can see, “Night Drive” brings out the potential of many suspense techniques. Suspense techniques are a very significant part in making a story and the author Will Jenkins has effectively used multiple techniques in several parts of the story thus making an excellent short story “Night
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