Night Driving Persuasive Speech

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So you're driving late at night and are having a hard time of it. The tip you picked up about reducing glare from oncoming traffic doesn't help and only makes it harder to see, and you're losing your battle against fatigue and drowsiness despite some "helpful" advice from a friend. What exactly were these useless words of wisdom? Read on to learn about three car misconceptions about night driving.

Yellow Tinted or Yellow Polarized Glasses Improve Your Night Vision

Do an online search for night driving glasses and lots of sponsored ads appear showing yellow tinted or yellow polarized night glasses. They must work if companies are selling them, right? Wrong. While they may help during the day in foggy or hazy conditions, the tint only reduces the amount of light that reaches the eyes. At night your eyes need
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The reason they aren't completely invisible is that they reflect some light. If you are required to wear corrective glasses, then they should be clear. An anti-reflective coating is also recommended.

You Can Stay Awake by Opening the Windows and Turning Up the Radio

You can roll the windows down, turn the radio up, blast the air conditioner, pinch your arm, and slap your face, but these tricks won't get you through a long night drive. These gimmicks are useful for buying some time to get yourself to the nearest place to pull over safely. However, they work only for the short-term.

With enough fatigue and sleep deprivation, you can fall asleep while drinking a cup of coffee or even standing up. People have even fallen asleep while running on a treadmill. The only true antidote to falling asleep is getting plenty of sleep. However, if you aren't sleep deprived but the tedium is making you a bit drowsy, go to a rest stop and have a coffee break.

You Can Skip Sleeping at Night by Sleeping the Day
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