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Religion is something that many people have consistently believed in and turned to in times of need and support. Some of these people rely on their faith more than their own family and friends. Their religion is their entire life and they can’t imagine their lives without it. Imagine a scenario that’s so terrible that God won’t take you out of it. These people will wonder where God is and pray for Him to come. After such a long time without help, these people will start to question their faith and eventually, they will rebel against it. In the memoir, Night by Elie Wiesel, a survivor of The Holocaust, Elie shows that faith is often lost in times of testing or trial. One example of Elie losing his faith is when he was questioning his belief in God. "I suffer hell in my soul and my flesh. I also have eyes and I see what is being done here. Where is God 's mercy? Where 's God? How can I believe, how can anyone believe in this God of Mercy? (77)." Elie was losing his faith in God. He was suffering and he was wondering where God was at this time as he was suffering. If God truly did exist, then why would He let this happen? Was he trying to test…show more content…
When these people were being treated in such malicious ways, they started to believe that God wasn’t really there for them. They felt as if He wasn 't there to protect them. Sometimes, they started to rebel against their own religion and turn to their worst enemies for faith. Throughout Elie’s memoir, Night, Elie shows that many people, including himself, lost faith during their stay at the concentration camps. Many other victims of the concentration camps lived to see such tragedies that they began to lose hope in God, as well as he did. Some of these survivors never believed in their religion after their experiences. However, for others, it took time for them to retrieve the passionate faith that they once had. In the duration of their time spent at the concentration camps, almost all of the victims questioned
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