Night Elie Wiesel Journey

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“Elie feels remorse after his father died.” In night by Elie Wiesel, jews were torchered for their faith in camps by nazis. A young man who’s life was flipped upside down because of this ended up being the only survivor in his family. He faced so many challenges that altered so much but in the end did he values life more, he has greater respect for life, and tries to show us what he went through so we can think the same. Sometimes certain experiences cause people to alter their ideas about what is valuable in life, in other cases, these experiences may, in fact, solidify what people value. An important example is my track injury. Track has its own spot in my heart, it always will but when I suffered an injury halfway through the season my world changed. I was not running as fast, I was in pain everyday, and I didn’t know what was important to me anymore. I had to value what was really important to me, my health and wellness or doing what I was born to do. I relate to Elie Wiesel in this case. When Ellie had to go through the death march and had thoughts of leaving his dad. Ellie had to value what was more important in this case survival or being a great son to a great dad.…show more content…
With A.D.D comes a lot of issues. The medication is the worst part of it all. During my time taking these meds It was hell, I felt sick all the time, I didn’t want to talk to anyone anymore, and my friends were noticing my changes too. I knew I had to value and compare my past life to my present life and ask myself what’s more important to me, friends... or grades. In this time of my life I found out the harsh realities of life and how not everything is fair. In the book Night Elie has to go through something similar to this. In Ellie 's case it was much more rigorous he has to go through his whole family dying for no apparent reasons. This showed Elie how life can 't always be fair and to value everything when you have the
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